Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our moly_x_11 Blog Banner...

Any ideas for creating a more colorful and personalized banner for our blog?

1. One thought is to have each of us design a piece of the banner and post when finished.
2. Another idea is for one of us to come up with the composition and lettering and for the rest of us to "tangle" around it.

Any other ideas?


  1. Either idea would be fun. I think the first idea is more in keeping with whole exchange, although the second idea would probably result in a more coherent design. I think the hardest part with the second idea would be deciding how to choose 'who' the one person would be.

    I'm game either way!

  2. ok...So, finally getting back to this comment. I think that I can take care of this aspect if there is no objection. I can draw in the lettering and start it off, and then pass it on to the rest of you. In this way, the banner would get done, AND we could all have a part in adding to it. Sound fair? Any objections? I will get working on it asap as soon as I finish up Margaret's moly for the exchange date. Please let me know either way by way of commenting to the blog. Look forward to hearing from you.