Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How exciting that our moly_x_11 blog is up and running!

How exciting that our moly_x_11 blog is up and running!

This is a very exciting group project that we have committed to here and what a talented group that we have assembled! Not only talented, but dedicated and very supportive of each other. I am so very honored to be a part of it! The work that has been produced so far is impressive as seen on each of our members' individual flickr sites and it is exciting that it will all now be able to be viewed here as a cohesive body of work!

So for the record, I just want to state here that we decided as a group that we would call our group the "Zentangle Moly Exchange Group", a.k.a. moly_x_11. We also decided that although the Zentangle art form is what we would be incorporating into our group project, that "strings" and "tangles" would be incorporated in a way that was unique and true to the individual artist's interpretation and style, leaving as much room for flexibility, exploration and growth as possible within the project. We decided that a 2 month rotation period would be appropriate.

Our moly_x_11 is made up of 5 members from around the world: 1 from Oregon, 1 from Belgium, 2 from Arizona, and 1 from Tennessee.

Our only "requirement" was to really have fun with this project. And I believe we are accomplishing just that!

So let's get started on the blog moly_x_11!!!

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