Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Next Exchange Date!

Hi there everyone!

Just a reminder that our next exchange date for our molys is Tuesday, May 31st. If there is a need for an extension, please, please, please communicate through our (this) blog. There is no shame in needing an extension but transparent communication is extremely important in being respectful and courteous the this awesome group of artists who are waiting to recieve their precious molys and their one-of-a-kind artwork in their hands soon. This May exchange date really should complete the rotation and th project, but there are several molys that have not advanced to new hands in quite a while. It is crucial that we have communication on the blog so that we can all know when to expect our molys to arrive.

Lastly, this is such a great and talented group. Please let's be active and consistent in communicating and contributing to the activity of this blog. We should all be so proud of our artistic contributions as well as to share this project with the rest of the world.

I look forward to seeing this project's virtual blossoming.


Lisa Rene

Please Post Your Sign-in Page!

Hi There! One more request for anyone who has completed the sign-in page, but not yet posted it, please do so! (I will have to post mine sometime in the future when my book is returned to me. oops!)

Once we have those posted, then I would like for us all to begin posting our first entries, then our second entries, and so on.

Thanks! Lisa Rene