Sunday, January 9, 2011

Next Exchange Date...

Hi Everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that we are working on moly's for a two-month time frame. Our next exchange date is scheduled for February 28, 2011.

Thanks so much for keeping lines of communication open among group members and for thoughtfulness and understanding on all ends. It is so important as we had agreed at the start of this project.

We have such a great group! So pleased to be a part of it all...the group, the collaboration, the inspiration, the creation, and so excited each time a new piece emerges. This is awesome!


  1. Should we extend the next exchange date.

    I'll have three journals to do, and at least two of those would be for the next round. I don't have them yet, and will be out of town next week.

    I'm pretty sure I can send at least two journals out before the 28th, but that's cutting it short for Jella, especially since I'll be shipping internationally. And since I lost my job, my schedule is in flux. You'd think I'd have more time, but it's working the other way around.

    I'm game if Jella is, but it might be easier to extend the date.

  2. I think it is very reasonable to extend the exchange date...sorry I didnt think of it myself! What do you think would be better March 31st or April 30th? I think it would be fair to give you both as much time as you think you need without any pressure of rushing. That would take the fun out of it...Remember we all agreed that it should be fun, above all! Molossus and Jella you decide on the next exchange date. Just let us know!

  3. If Sandra can send me a moly by the end of this month, I can have my contribution finished by the end of February and send it to Lisa. It's alright with me if the exchange date for the second one is March 31st.
    The moly I actual had here went postal the past week (tuesday), so Lisa will receive it pretty soon.

  4. Okay! Let's shoot for Feb 28 and March 31st. I'll let everyone know if anything looks as though it might cause further delay, but I don't anticipate that it will.

    Let the fun continue!

  5. Sounds good! So, just to make it official, our next exchange date for the entire group will be March 31st.

  6. So happy to see this exchange flourishing!
    Im one of the moderators that will be checking in on you guys from time to time to see if you run into any snags. Looks like you are all off to a awesome start!,
    Have fun!